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After use of chemicals factory of origin in all spheres of life, humanity has finally realized that all that is necessary for our healthy and happy life in the nature of that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to be able to see the large small. This modern research in the field of pharmaceuticals plant it possible to create a cosmetic line as skin care products, active principles of which are active biological substances that can have on the bodys cells to a surprising degree and effect of which is realized at the level of cellular structures. The group of cosmetic cosmeceuticals include such drugs, which include sunscreens, ceramides, antioxidants such as vitamin E, as well as the ANA- components. Depending on how the actioshould have a particular cosmetic product from the catalog infimum, in its composition includes liposomes, bioflavonoids and phytoestrogens. The structure of color cosmetics from the company Deborah may include different groups of vitamins, enzymes, and polysaccharides. At the present stage, special attention is paid to the means of cosmeceuticals, which are included in the composition of phytoestrogens. By their nature, phytoestrogens are close to the female sex hormone estrogen, and the positive effects of estrogens on the female body, including the skin and its derivatives, has been known since the second half of last century. Thats why cosmetics from the catalog infimum, which include phytoestrogens, have a pronounced anti- aging action, and normalize metabolic processes in skin cells and prevent the early development of the aging process in them. Colour Cosmetics Company Deborah also contains biologically active substances to significantly push the offensive age of skin aging. Because phytoestrogens are beneficial not only to skin cells, but also on its derivatives, such as nails and hair, a lot of money from contain these biologically active substances. For makeup Deborah source of phytoestrogens are the extract of fennel, grape seed extract, as well as peanut and olive oils.

Opening scientists such biologically active substances such as bioflavonoids, allowed to make more effective cosmeceuticals. The main influence of bioflavonoids include reduction of vascular wall permeability, anti- inflammatory and antiallergic effect. The structure of decorative cosmetics company include bioflavonoids, through which these possess a range of biologically active action. The catalog infimum are cosmetics, which include bioflavonoids derived from fruits, flowers, roots and leaves of various plants.

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